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Lead product designer

Hey, I’m Kirti,

skilled in

UX/UI DesignResearch. 

Data Insights. Prototypes. 

Interaction. Coding. Mentoring


I put the user at the heart of the problem to meet their needs and make a difference to their life.


I help the user to get what they need at remarkable speed, simplified to leave only the essential.


Be personal! A detailed and evolving picture of the user enables me to be politely proactive, but not intrusive.


I never stop looking for ways to beat expectations and do little things brilliantly, going the extra mile to surprise and delight.


With robust solutions, I put user security and privacy at the core, setting a benchmark for accessibility and inclusivity.

Manifesting an iterative design approach to shape and enhance digital experiences that follow the below principles:

My design principles

Vehicle Quality Issues

Online tool for customers to report an issue with their car

Selected work

Cazoo favourites

in My account

Design the favourites and searches journey on the site to allow customers to have them within their My Account

Cazoo Chatbot

Redefining the chatbot capabilities with YEXT to provide relevant content to the customer for pre-sale queries.

EE SIM Checkout

Redesign and migrate the current EE customer checkout journeys to a headless CMS to launch in 2023

Hema Mehta

Head of UX (Cazoo)

"Kirti is a highly skilled UI & UX Senior Product Designer who is always looking to better herself and learn about new thinking and technologies. I have found Kirti to always expand her boundaries for understanding problems far and wide which enables her to bring forth beautifully constructed thinking, planning, mapping and solutions.


Kirti is highly collaborative and easily lead teams through the journey of the customer and her designs. Although she is modest in her approach, she is confident pushing back or suggesting options and therefore a mammoth in her output. Kirti has an incredible journey ahead of her as I feel she has so much more to show." (2023)

Chris O'Donoghue

Project Manager (Cazoo)

I had the pleasure of working closely with Kirti during our time at Cazoo. Kirti consistently impressed me with her remarkable Product Design skills and dedication to her work. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kirti for any design-related role.

One of Kirti's key strengths is her knack for creating simple and intuitive user interfaces. She excels in simplifying complex processes and translating them into intuitive user experiences. Kirti's attention to detail and her focus on usability greatly contribute to the success of the products she works on.


Design Manager

(Bauer Media)

"Kirti was the Senior Digital Designer on commercial and marketing campaign in an incredibly fast paced environment with unrealistic tight deadlines. Even when times were incredibly stressful managing and working across up to 60 digital campaigns at any one time,

Kirti was completely 100% reliable, and consistently positive with a professional attitude. I have yet to work on campaigns where I am more proud of the creative quality of the design and build – which Kirti came up. Kirti’s creative and technical knowledge is a real rarity. I’d love the opportunity to work with Kirti again." (2017)


Kirti Devi Ram

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